Please follow our attached instructions on how to edit your party printable. It's easy to do using a computer and Adobe Acrobat (free download). If your computer doesn’t already have Adobe Acrobat (formerly Adobe Reader) download it here:
Again it’s FREE and essential to get your file to work correctly

*Please note We Do Not enter your party details You Do using your computer and Adobe Acrobat (a free download). It's easy! Simply follow the attached instructions

Important To Know:
♥︎ You Cannot upload this file in its current state but you may email us the file to convert into a Jpeg to upload.
♥︎ If you need to use a print shop you can save the file onto a jump drive and instruct the shop in person to open and print individually using Adobe Acrobat. Not all print shops can do this however, so check first. You can also use the converted Jpeg.
♥︎ You are UNABLE to edit on any other design programs other than Adobe Acrobat.
♥︎ You Cannot add or remove lines of Text. You must follow the text format as shown.
♥︎ You are not able to edit this file on an iPad, iPhone or any other handheld device, you must use a computer.
♥︎ Graphics are NOT editable and colors cannot be changed.
♥︎ You cannot add photographs.
♥︎ Design fonts do NOT support foreign language special characters and cannot be changed.
♥︎ Design is one-sided.
♥︎ Watch our quick YouTube video on how easy it is to edit:

The following are the steps to follow you edit your Punky Prep printable.

Step 1 

Check your email for your purchase link.

Step 2
Download your Files.

Files come instantly by email with a link right after purchasing. Always download to a computer. Never download to a phone or tablet. UNZIP the folders: If the le folders are zipped you must unzip them before beginning. You do this by double clicking on the zipped folder to open (on a Mac) or right click and choose “extract all” (on a PC).

Step 3
Open Acrobat
Now that your files are downloaded and unzipped you will need to use Adobe Acrobat to edit and print. On your computer click on the Adobe Acrobat icon to open. It is a red square with a letter A. Most often it is found on your computer dashboard. If its not there you can find it by going to your computer “applications” folder. If you are still not seeing Acrobat go back to step One and download. You may need to restart your computer after downloading.

Once you click on Adobe Acrobat the words “Adobe Acrobat” will appear at the top left hand corner of your computer screen. If you are on a Mac ensure you are NOT using PREVIEW and that you see the words Adobe Acrobat.
From the Adobe Acrobat drop down menu select “Open.” Now choose the file you wish to edit. The file should appear and Yay you can begin to edit!

The file may have Highlighted areas where the text is editable. You can always select the “highlight text” button to remove the highlight.
Now start adding your text by deleting and typing over the sample text.
If you see a black + sign on your le you have added too much text. Simply erase the line and start over.
Remember you cannot add lines of text or remove lines so you need to make your party details fit in the lines provided. Sometimes this just takes being a little creative. Maybe add a few more words or abbreviate one. When you are pleased with your file you need to save it.

Step 4
Save your file.
When you have finished editing select FILE > SAVE AS. Give your file a new name on your desktop for easy access. Choosing Save As allows you to reuse the party template. Now onto printing.

Step 5
Print at home select FILE > PRINT And always set your printer to Best or Highest Resolution. Also select the paper style (ex heavy card stock) from your printer driver and make sure you choose “Actual Size” to print in case the PDF size was changed when viewing. These few steps will make your file print much nicer!

Print Shop?
Need to use a Print shop? You can save the files onto a jump drive and walk in and instruct the shop to open and print the files Individually using Adobe Acrobat. If they don’t use Acrobat they will get an error and ask for a password or the specialty font will revert to a standard one. Do not accept the file with a boring font. This was their mistake not following your instructions. Not all print shops can print using Adobe Acrobat so check first.

Need to email an Invitation file or upload the file?
You cannot upload these kind of files in their current state! They are made for
home printing. If you need to upload please Email us the saved edited file to be converted into a Jpeg. 

Always reach out to us here with any questions! We're here to help!!!

♥︎ Here is a short video how to open and edit using Adobe Acrobat:

Share the ♥︎ and send us a pic of how you used our Party printable!